If half of the population of a country lives in perpetual fear of violence, it means something is seriously wrong. The lapses in the system regarding security for women are ignominious. Each new day brings with it, reports of so many tragedies. Once in a while people may come on the roads and protest but most incidents stay buried in the corner of the newspapers.

stopcrimeagainstwomen.in is an effort to create a database of the newspaper articles and to display the chronology of the events. We have not written new articles, rather we have collected articles from various publications.

The first step to change something that is wrong is to become aware of it. If you are as sick at the status quo as us, then Join Us and let us make things better.


The website is a collective initiative by a team comprising of three graduates from IIT Delhi
Ankur Goyal
Graduated from IIT Delhi in 2012, he is presently studying management at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
Akshat Goel
He is presently working in an IT Company.
Ritesh Singh
He is one of the founders of the Society for Advancement of Research in Arts and Science (SARAS).